Brought together through a haze of zoom exhaustion and creative dry-spells, these artists explore not only what original art making opportunities exist in these “unprecedented times”, but what opportunities could be found beyond the white cube gallery room. Half in and half out of reality, this show exists in a fictional space, and allows you to pretend for a moment that what you see on your screen, is right in front of you.

Artists featured: 
Nolan Barry • Salma Dib • Cher Fang • Gracie Hagen • Jun Kang • Elly Kim • Biffy Klorer • Cecil Le • Yinning Liu • Eden SandersJulia SigneNeve Zhang • Juniper Zuniga

Curated by: 
Bee Quinn Gustavson • Jun Kang • Shannon Lin • Eden Sanders • Neve Zhang

Nolan Barry • Gracie Hagen • Katie Svehla • Juniper Zuniga